Re: problems in messages

Kimberly Parsley

I too am having the first problem, but not the second. As for the problem in messages, I also use the flick up and hold gesture as a work around.

On Jul 2, 2018, at 6:41 PM, Chris Chaffin <> wrote:

I am new to the group and I am enjoying the system keyboard, but I have been experiencing a few different things that I want to see if anyone else is experiencing.
Now I am a voice over user and I am using an iphone 8.

First, in the messages app, after typing a message and dismissing the keyboard, I am unable to swipe to either the edit field or send button. I can only find them on the screen by exploring the screen with my finger. And even after I find the edit field by exploring, I am still not able to swipe from the edit field to the send button.

Second, sometimes after dismissing the keyboard, especially after writing in the messages app, voice over acts funny and it seems that I lose some system sounds, like the sound when the app switcher pops up. I restart voice over and everything returns to normal.



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