Re: New release: An entirely new sound treatment has arrived with build 29!

Daniel McGee

Hi Kosta & Ashley
Would it be possible to have a toggle for the pitch for spell words in settings? 
I have just updated to the latest build and liked how words were spelled out before. Its a hearing aid thing for me that's all. The lower the pitch the better. So how it was before the latest build was fine for me. 
Besides that, I don't mind the new sound effects. Actually find the tapping of the keys when typing to be quite a bit louder witch I consider to be a bonus for me. 
Thanks for redding and keep up the amazing work! 
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Thank you Brandon. For now you can turn off the deletion sound from the
setting, and we will be adding the old sounds back as an option in the next

And just a general note for now as well as in the future, you can always
revert back to the previous release if you just go to TestFlight and select
"Previous builds" towards the bottom of the page.

- Kosta
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On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 5:47 PM, Brandon Cross <bcross3286@...> wrote:

I can't say I like the new sounds to be honest, though the typing is the
least of the problems. It is just a bit loud for my taste, the older one
was quiet, but I could get used to that. The deletion sound though, I
really don't like that at all, not only is it loud, its very high pitched
almost to the point of being painful.
On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 7:55 PM, FlickType <hello@...> wrote:

[Edited Message Follows]
[Reason: Changed the preferred feedback channel to be through replying to
this topic, rather than through the TestFlight app]

App changes follow below. Please report all your feedback by replying to
this topic. Thank you for testing FlickType!

In this release:
- Complete revamp of of all sound effects: taps, deletions, errors, and
more. Tell us what you think!
- Deletion announcements will now always use a lower pitch, and will not
use the word "Deleted". You can turn that back on from the settings.
- Updated deletion sound effect, hopefully this is less intrusive. Thanks
Serina! You can now also turn it off from the settings.
- Words with numbers and symbols will now be announced correctly and in
detail, even if they contain no letters.
- Spelling of words now uses a higher pitch.
- Apostrophes in contractions like "it's" will be announced. Thanks Alan!
- Capital letter announcements will use the shorthand "cap" prefix
of the full word "capital".
- Fixed pronunciation of colon symbol. Thanks Yana!
- Fixed wrong iPhone X keyboard positioning when in landscape mode.
- Added a few more words to the dictionary.

Notable earlier changes:
- Improved instructions
- Fixed stale text being read back when switching back to the app with
"Copy & Clear on exit" on
- Moved keyboard higher on iPhone X to better match the system keyboard
- Fixed repeating hint message on iPhone X
- Fixed haptic toggle sometimes not being respected
- Added new setting for haptic feedback, on by default
- Added setting to toggle the existing keyboard click sounds
- Added feedback when tapping and holding on the keyboard to accurately
choose characters
- Disabled proximity sensor when keyboard is dismissed (ie when using the
menu options). Thanks Ravi!
- Renamed "Auto-copy& clear" setting to "Copy & clear on exit". Thanks
- Fix occasional issue where you could not longer type upon returning
app switching. Please let us know if you are still experiencing similar

Please report all your feedback by replying to this topic. Thank you for
testing FlickType!

Kosta & Ashley

PS: Don't forget to invite your friends to beta@...! The more
testers we have, the faster we can improve the app.

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