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Daniel McGee

To kosta and Ashley

I'm sure you have already considered this but just throwing it out there anyway.
If people are finding money to be tight at the moment or feel pressure in anyway in adding to there list of subscriptions,. Have you considered adding a tip jar to the container app? This way, maybe people won't feel so pressurised and when they have the money, can donate in the form of in app purchases to the apps development for its future.
To get a sense of what I am trying to explain, checkout the apps: downcast and Twitterrific to see what I mean.

Also, for really big updates, maybe charge an in app purchase to unlock the special feature instead of always having an active subscription.
Of course, I am more than happy to pay for a subscription, these are just ideas as alternatives for different country markets and people's own respective situations in regards to money.
What does everyone think about the extra ideas for the apps future development?
Kind regards to all

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Hi Leonard,

Thanks for your feedback. Our pricing plans are fluid and we will try to come up with a pricing structure that works for everyone, but for now, we've found that this is the most accessible pricing structure for the largest number of people.

Stay tuned,

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> Every country has an identity, history, custom, and culture. It’s a unique
> landscape in determining how its people Live, work, and play.
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