Re: App feedback


Hi Lorna,

Thank you, very much, for the feedback. We will be improving those gestures, but I hope you've found that you can enable the next keyboard and dismiss buttons in the settings for now. And, yes, once we implement our half screen keyboard we should be golden.

Thanks, again!

On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 10:59 am, Lorna Payne <> wrote:

I just wanted to offer a little feedback, as since the most recent update I
have noticed a bug. In certain apps, not all, the dismiss keyboard button
disappears and the flick down and hold doesn't seem to work. Trying it a
couple of times caused the app I was using to crash, my VoiceOver to become
non responsive temporarily. Turns out one time of trying this my control
center to appear and my mobile data to be switched off... Somehow! I also find
the flick gestures to navigate to be inconsistent. Sometimes it seems to work
perfectly and others not at all. Dismissing the keyboard to read what I've
written, if I then want to go back to writing its not always easy to tell
where in the field I am.

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