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I think what the person who posted this suggestions invisions I sthat Voiceover would speak the suggestion/prediction and that if it is correct you simply flick right at that point to finish entering the word. I really like the suggestions in the iOS keyboard, but if they are shorter words it is often just as fast to finish typing the word than it is to touch the predictions and see if what you want is one of the 3 predictions given. If this could be made to work automatically so you just tap away and, if you hear a prediction that is the right one you can flick to enter it this could be pretty fantastic. You just have to get used to ignoring suggestions if they are not correct and simply continue to type.


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 Hello, it seems to me that more time would be spent finding and entering the prediction than just typing with FlickType. 


 In the future, Kosta plans to implement the ability to use text replacements, so those commonly used phrases will insert with a possible minimum of three taps. 


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I would certainly like a feature like that. 

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I am wondering about the feasibility and potential usefulness of a predictive typing mode within Flicktype. I would envision this as an option as I could see some users finding a feature like this annoying, whereas I'm sure that other users, myself included, would find it of great value.

Essentially, this would work similar to the predictive typing feature that we already have with the standard iOS keyboard. Suppose, as an example, I'm writing the phrase "no problem." After typing the word "no" I would type pro and Flicktype would try to guess what I'm attempting to type, based on context. As I type "pro" I imagine Flicktype announcing "problem" If that's the word that I want, I would flick right to accept it. If I want to hear possible suggestions I would flick down to explore the list, as we already do when we've completed a word. Alternatively, I could just ignore the possibility which was offered and continue to type the rest of the word, as normal. I'm wondering if such a feature is worth pursuing? Is it even feasible and would others use it? Are there possible consequences resulting from this that I'm not foreseeing? I admit that such a feature could be chatty and, perhaps, more distracting than some users would like but I can also envision that we could have settings to control certain levels of verbosity such as a setting like "start providing suggestions after X letters have been entered" and perhaps adjustable pauses between the last entered key and the actual announcement of the first suggestion. This last idea would help fast typists not get interrupted. For me, this would make using Flicktype even faster.



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