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Lorna Payne <lornapaynemusic@...>

Hello FlickType folks
I have been using the new app since you rolled out the update last week allowing use of it as a system keyboard. Its such a great keyboard I know I speak for so many users when I say how much better it is to use than the standard ios keyboard, and I thought I was pretty good at using the direct touch typing mode but this is better!
I just wanted to offer a little feedback, as since the most recent update I have noticed a bug. In certain apps, not all, the dismiss keyboard button disappears and the flick down and hold doesn't seem to work. Trying it a couple of times caused the app I was using to crash, my VoiceOver to become non responsive temporarily. Turns out one time of trying this my control center to appear and my mobile data to be switched off... Somehow! I also find the flick gestures to navigate to be inconsistent. Sometimes it seems to work perfectly and others not at all. Dismissing the keyboard to read what I've written, if I then want to go back to writing its not always easy to tell where in the field I am.
I know you have plans to make the keyboard half screen which I imagine will eliminate all of these problems. It will be amazing to see this as a half screen where it will be possible to navigate the text field the old way with VoiceOver and the rotor!
Anyway keep up the amazing work! I don't know how the app does it but it's brilliant technology!
Best wishes

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