Re: The new flick type app

Shawn Krasniuk <bbsshawn@...>

Hi all. Just joined this group a day or so ago. A few things here. $0.99 is a reasonable fee but if you really don't want to pay it, join the beta. Secondly, text loss is a well known issue and Ashley and kosta encourage everyone to report it to them. Finally, so that there are no more duplicate messages asking the same thing, multilanguage support is coming but it's going to take a while. Anyway, thanks to Ashley and kosta for a great app and keep up the good work. 

On Jun 30, 2018, at 2:42 AM, Jean-Philippe Rykiel <jprykiel@...> wrote:

When will Flicktype have other languages available? I have no idea how much work it takes, but I am dying to have mine, French, on board.


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