Improved Multiple Language Support

Ing. Roberto Ayala M. <roaymi@...>


I am a low vision user from Mexico.  First of all, congratulations on this new Flicktype app and thank you for your hard work to bring the blind community such a great keyboard.

Being in Mexico, I talk to all my family and most of my friends in Spanish, however, my job requires me to contact several people in the United States and other countries.  My wife and her family are also American.  This means that I constantly need to type both in Spanish and English, and switch between the two languages.

The only thing that is currently making me hold back from purchasing a monthly Flicktype suscription is the inability to switch between languages after bringing up the keyboard.  I suggest a three finger flick up/down gesture for the user to cycle through the previously selected languages inside the Flicktype app.  Would something like this be possible?  I am sure I am not the only user who would benefit from this, as I alone know two individuals who are in a similar situation.

Finally, another very useful feature would be to have VoiceOver use a voice from the language in which the user is typing to speak the typed words.  For example, currently my iPhone’s system language is set to US English.  When I type in Spanish using Flicktype, VoiceOver reads the words using the US English voice.  It would be much better if VoiceOver could be made to use the Mexican Spanish voice instead.

Thank you for your time to read this message and once again thanks for your work.

Best regards,
Roberto Ayala.


Ing. Roberto Ayala Michel

Cel: 333 814 6643


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