First Show Stopping Bug

Brandon Cross <bcross3286@...>

Hello, today I experienced the first bug that actually stopped me from
using the keyboard. Today, I needed to make a transfer between two of my
bank accounts, so I load up my banking app, and go to do it, when FlickType
loads in. OK, not really the keyboard I want for that particular
application, so I do the flick up and hold gesture to switch to the iOS
keyboard, only to find that it doesn't work. After a bit of general tapping
around, I noticed the keyboard was completely unresponsive. This means taps
as well as gestures are not being accepted. Thinking this a fluke, I just
quit out of the app and try again, same thing. I ended having to go another
app and switch its keyboard to the iOS one before I could get FlickType to
not load up in the banking app. I did re-order it so it wasn't the first
keyboard, and restart the phone. But even being in the second position, it
still loaded up eve when I completely closed out the app and went through

It is worth noting that my banking app uses its own custom variant if a
keyboard for entering an amount in the transfer section, since you don't
enter decimals, as the app sort of parses what you enter and puts the
decimal in the right place. So for $100.00, you would just type 1, 0, 0, 0,
0 and it would be correct. This isn't the only app I have that uses a
custom numbers keyboard, right off hand I can think of at least one other,
PayPal. That one does the same thing but it has a, '00' button to save you
a bit of time.

Since FlickType or iOS isn't really respecting the order of keyboards, I'm
going to have to make sure FlickType isn't up when I load into my banking
app. I'm hoping you guys can get something going for a fix to this, though
as its with a specific app with a specific custom variant, might prove

Thanks -- Brandon

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