2 major queries about the modern app

Abdullah Zafar <abdullah@...>

Hello there. This abdullah here. I recently discover this keyboard and liked it so much, therefore want to use as my default keyboard. But i am facing the following 2 problem while getting started. Keep in mind while reading below that i am a voiceover user on iOS.

1. I have enabled the keyboard along with full access. Now, whenever i open the keyboard in any app such as messages, it said “not subscribed”. It repeats the same phrase again and again when i touch the keyboard or perform any gesture. Why is it? Note: when i open the keyboard app and switch to the “demo” tab, then it doesn’t say like this. But in all other apps, it kept repeating the same sentences. Note number2: the internet connection is always active on my phone.
2. I prefer to type in single tapp mode “direct touch typing”. But in this keyboard, when i tap on a character lightly, it inserts the character but doesn’t speak the inserted character. Even the option “echo character” is turned on in app settings. Why is it? How to fix?

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