Re: System-wide FlickType keyboard now available on the App Store!

Brandon Cross <bcross3286@...>

I think the reason this is happening is because with voiceover on, the
normal way to access the control center, as Ashley properly explained, has
been altered. For voiceover users, what you do is explore to the top and
touch one of the items in the status bar, then lift and swipe up with three
fingers. For non-voiceover users, the gesture is to simpy swipe up with one
finger from the bottom. My theory is that FlickType is designating a region
for VoiceOver not to interfere with, such as how playing the instruments in
Garage band is possible even with voiceover on.

On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 1:32 AM, FlickType <> wrote:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out on behalf of your friend. The control center is
accessed by pulling up from the bottom of the screen, typically this also
requires that you touch down at the very bottom of the screen before
dragging up. My suggestion is that your friend starts exploring from higher
on the screen and work their way down towards the bottom rather than
starting low initially and dragging upwards.

Does this make sense? If they're still having trouble please let us know
what iOS version they are on, as well as which FlickType version.

Thanks, again!

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