Re: Swiping through controls/elements in Messages

Jessica D

Hello, yes, I've seen this as well. Running iOS 12 on the 7+.

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On Jun 27, 2018, at 5:45 PM, David Matters <> wrote:

Hello All:
I have noticed the following behavior:
When in Messages, and FlickType is the active keyboard, but not currently open or on the screen, much like when you first enter into a thread, I am unable to swipe off/from the text field to other elements, such as the record audio button or the messaging apps button. I have to tap on say a message before I am able to then swipe through elements on the screen. I am able to use the rotor set to vertical navigation to swipe up and off the text field. Once anywhere else on the screen I am able to swipe just fine except for the bottom row of elements (buttons and the text field). If I then set another keyboard as the active keyboard this behavior corrects itself until I go back to the FlickType keyboard. I have not tried/tested this in other apps so not sure if it is only with the Messaging app.

I am running iOS on an 8+ w/ 11.4

Any thoughts?
Dave ...

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