Re: System-wide FlickType keyboard now available on the App Store!

Travis Peterson

I'm' curious, Have you considered a one-time, lifetime, buy-in option as well? I know that you will have worked really hard to figure out your pricing structure. But I know that I would prefer to pay $20 for a lifetime of FlickType than to pay the $1 per month. This is not because I think the product not worth the cost, but simply because I'd prefer not to have a regular $1 charge on a monthly basis.

Or, even if the cost was annual, would you consider $10 per year for folks who would prefer not to have the repeated monthly transaction?

I know that I will use my business expense account to pay for Flicktype, and the monthly transaction will require me to submit a receipt each month. I'd much prefer a less regular--less often--transaction.

Any consideration there?

Again, I'm grateful for what you are doing. You've put together a solid product, and its totally worth the money.



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