Re: Copy and clear on exit setting

Daniel McGee

I'm wondering if this could help for those who use the iPhone 10 
Would the following work. 
1 type your text in the FlickType app. 
2 swipe up with two fingers to get to the menu. 
3 finally, swipe with four fingers to another app and then try to paste your text in the app you desire. 

From: Alan Lemly <>
Sent: Friday, April 6, 2018 3:43 pm
Subject: [flicktype] Copy and clear on exit setting
To: <>

Hello List,

Others might already be using the copy and clear on exit setting in
FlickType but I wanted to recommend doing so for those who might not be.
Kosta was kind enough to explain it to me in a beta support email exchange
and I'm finding it very convenient.

With this setting turned on, there is no need to return to the FlickType
menu when you've finished typing with it. You simply go to the app where you
want to paste your input and select paste when you're in the applicable text
box. I use FlickType mostly for texting so I have my messages app running in
the App Switcher and when I move to it and single finger double tap and hold
in the text box, a paste button pops up that when double tapped will insert
the FlickType text. When I return to FlickType in my App Switcher, it is
clear and ready for more typing. So, this setting automatically does what
the copy and clear menu item does when going to it from FlickType with a 2
finger swipe up.

I just find this setting very handy and wanted to share with those who might
not be aware of how it works.

Happy FlickTyping.

Alan Lemly

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