Voiceover Behaving Strangely

Tj Squires

Hello, all,

Perhaps someone has encountered this issue and can assist me!  When I open up FLickType, I am able to see the screen just fine -- it works as expected, if I turn off voiceover.  So, to explain a little bit, my problem is this:

When I have Voiceover active and open Flick Type, I am unable to utilize the app; all of my voiceover gestures perform their voiceover equivolents.  I have heard that it is possible to utilized FlickType without turning off Voiceover.  Therefore my problem is me!  :).  What setting may I have toggled that shouldn't be, weather with Voiceover, or Flicktype itself?

To be clear, the app will not type when I tap the screen unless Voiceover is off.  I can't get it to function while voiceover is off --
so for example going to the menu requires me to tripple tap home, swipe up with two fingers, and then tripple tap home to turn it back on.

I am using latest     iOS with an iPhone 7.  I am not on the beta but will send the email if this problem will go away

Thanks for your assistance!

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