Re: Air drop in flick type

Chuck Dean

Hello Leonard,
FlickType watch app what is in the App Store, has the container app which you can still use on your phone. It has a few problems, but for the most part works well. Here is a link:

You can also try going to the App Store, my account, my purchases, and see if Fliktype is in there. If it is you should be able to download it from there.
Good luck!

Chuck  (mobile)
Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.

On Oct 22, 2021, at 4:28 PM, leonard morris <lmorris1953@...> wrote:

Has there been any new news on regaining Flick Type on the App Store?

I have the app on my iPad but  I can’t re-download it on my new replace 11 Pro phone it would be nice if you could airdrop an app from an another device where  you already have it to a newer device Bypassing the need to use the App Store. I wish Apple would consider something like this.

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