Re: FlickType Classic and Watch/Container both downloaded to my new iPhone 13 Mini

Chuck Dean

😎Cool Beans!👍 
I am vacillating on whether to buy an iPhone 13 mini, my iPhone 8 is still working well, and we all know what happened to Apollo 13.
Chuck  (mobile)
Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.

On Oct 10, 2021, at 11:47 AM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi List,


As I posted the other day, I wanted to update the list that both FlickType Classic and the FlickType Watch/Container apps downloaded to my new iPhone 13 Mini. I had to activate direct touch using the rotor on my iPhone 13 Mini in each app before FlickType worked correctly with each but they functioned exactly as they did on my SE 2020 after I did so.


I won’t get into the nightmare that setting up the iPhone 13 Mini was here but I’ll share that on a more appropriate list.


Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care and stay safe.


Alan Lemly

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