Re: My FlickType Watch/Container experience after upgrade to iOS 15.01


Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the Classic refresher. I have to agree with you that it works better than the container app with its current problems. Let's keep our fingers crossed that FlickType Classic will remain available in the App Store when getting a new device.

Alan Lemly

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Hello Alan, you can add words to the dictionary bye manually typing the word, flick wight to hear the word, and if it is correct, flick up with one finger. 
BTW you can also use the dictionary in the container app, as FlickType classic and the container app share the dictionary. 
FlickType classic is always in full screen mode. Because it never had to interact with other text fields. 

Chuck  (mobile)
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On Oct 7, 2021, at 10:23 AM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi List,


I wanted to provide some feedback of the results I’m getting with the FlickType Watch/Container app after upgrading my iPhone SE 2020 to iOS 15.01. I think these results have already been reported by others.


The Container app works great provided the word you thought you were typing is the one the FlickType predictive engine speaks on its first try. If it predicts another word and you single finger swipe down to hear the other predictions, only the last letter of those predictions is spoken. However, if you pause on a prediction before swiping again, the predicted word will be spelled. This makes the prediction usable but also makes it much less efficient than when the prediction alternatives are spoken. I’m also getting the same non-pronunciation of punctuation following a swipe right at the end of a sentence. If you single finger flick up or down after the non-spoken initial period, the predictive pronunciation is spoken. I expect this is because punctuation is only one character.


I did install the FlickType Classic app on my SE 2020 and it is not experiencing the above problems as Chuck has no doubt already reported. It speaks all subsequent predictions appropriately and also speaks the initial punctuation at the end of a sentence. I’m not sure you can customize your dictionary with FlickType Classic or if you can, I can’t figure out how to do it. Also, I’m unable to put FlickType Classic in full screen mode. I’m just not sure whether FlickType Classic will download from the App Store after I upgrade to my iPhone 13 Mini. I’ll probably have this done no later than tomorrow and I’ll report back with my FlickType experience post upgrade.


Alan Lemly

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