Re: Need help using latest FlickType Watch/Container app after inadvertent update


Hi Chuck,

The other option is to do a three finger quadruple tap to copy the VoiceOver spoken text from the container window and paste it to the replied to email using the rotor edit button as I'm doing just now.

Thanks for your help.


with Outlook for iOS

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Hello Alan,
I have tried to use the share button to answer existing emails with no success.
What I do, as I am doing now, is type my response in the container app, then I close the app which will copy the text to the clipboard (be sure you have this turned on in settings). Now go to the email and paste the text.
I have it set up in  settings, accessibility, voice over, commands, editing.  that a two finger quadruple tap will perform a paste.
The share button is good for starting new emails, messages, and exporting to notes, Google, etc.  

Chuck  (mobile)
Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.

On Sep 29, 2021, at 6:12 PM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi List,


Well, after painstakingly updating every app on my device with a new app in the App Store accept for FlickType, either my device or the Apple gods or something decided to update FlickType too. Now, I’ve lost my keyboard extension and I’m trying to figure the best way to use the container app in the way I use my device. I tend to open an email or text in order to reply to it and then want to type my response using the container app and copy and paste it to the appropriate place. If there is a way to do this with the FlickType update running in iOS 14.8, I haven’t figured out how. I get a share button in the container app which works fine to copy what was typed into a new message or email but doesn’t seem to work in replying to an existing message. I would very much appreciate any help directing me on how to do what I want to do with the container app.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Alan Lemly

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