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Chuck Dean

The container app that is currently on your iPhone is essentially the same as the update in the app store except it does not have the share button to export text to various apps.
I suggest you try typing in the container app, with voice over turned on. The container app is very stable, works perfectly every time, and does not require full access to type which makes it a much more private keyboard.
Once you are finished typing, you can close the app and it will copy the text to the clipboard, providing you have this turned on in settings, and then can be pasted into any text field.

I have set up a three finger quadruple tap as my paste gesture which makes this process a little easier. 

Try it... You may like it. 

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On Sep 29, 2021, at 12:03 AM, Field, S. (Scott) <ScottF@...> wrote:


I am partially sighted, not completely blind, but too blind to read text on my phone without assistance.  Even in IOS 14 I never got FlickType to work well with VoiceOver on.  I found that switching voice feedback for typing on and then toggling voiceover off each time I wanted to type works very well. 

I see there is an update to FlickType to remove it as a third party system wide keyboard, I am not going to update FlickType as it is by far the best way for me to type on the phone as it is now.  I wish Kosta was able to leave the app with it’s short comings in the app store for those of us that can use it without voiceover to continue to use it and a second container app  to be added to the app store for those that find that a more suitable solution. 

So unfortunate how things have turned out with Kosta and Apple after he changed my life for the better with a keyboard that I wish Apple had bought from him. 




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Hi. Not me. I liked Flicktype as a third party keyboard in my apps. That's why I'm thinking of trying MBraille because it can work with third party apps. You can call me lazy, but if Flicktype isn't gonna work in iOS 15 unless you use the classic app, it's not useful to me.


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On Sep 21, 2021, at 11:06 AM, Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:


Thank you for that information!

I have always use the FlickType Classic app, because it works perfectly all the time. It’s much more simple, and doesn’t need to interact with different apps.

Even when I was an alpha and beta tester on FlickType, when I was finished testing I would always turn full access off and go back to FlickType Classic app. In my opinion is the best incarnation of Fliktype.


Chuck  (mobile)

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On Sep 21, 2021, at 8:44 AM, David Speck via <sfblessings@...> wrote:

Hi, I also noticed that while using the systemwide keyboard, the words typed are not always spoken completely. Also, as mentioned in another reply, flicking up and down through Suggestions only reads the first or last letter of the words selected  Flicking left to delete words only says space if anything at all. The behavior seems to be the same in the container app. The classic version however still behaves as it always has. Everything is spoken as I would expect. I’ll probably start using that one more consistently since the behavior appears to be more on Target and consistent.

On Sep 21, 2021, at 9:29 AM, David Speck via <sfblessings@...> wrote:


I upgraded and am using flick type to compose this message on the system wide keyboard. It seems to be working exactly as it did before on my device. I haven't yet tried the container app  or the classic version but I see no reason why they wouldn't work. Of course if it is not installed on your device before you upgrade you probably won’t have it after you upgrade. Anyone should expect that. Just thought you would all like to know. Have a great day.







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