Re: Need to confirm my understanding of FlickType container availability in iOS 15 and on new iDevices

Salman Haider

Hi all,

I would like to ask a question, especially from all those who are now on iOS 15 and are using the Flicktype container app. Does anyone experience an incredibly long load time for the Flicktype app, whenever they try to launch it? Or even try to switch back to it from a different app from within the App Switcher? I say this because I have always experienced this on my phones, even on iOS 14 and prior. It takes quite a long time for it to launch, and I am saying up to 20 plus seconds at times on older phones. It is one of the reasons why I have refrained from using the container app since it just took so long to launch.
I have a first generation iPhone SE and the second generation iPhone SE. The load time is better on the newer SE but still quite long; definitely within the 15 second range.
Of course, Up to iOS 14, we had the keyboard extension available. Hence one could get around this issue by simply launching the keyboard within the app that they were using, rather than using the container app. However, with iOS 15, we are limited to using the container app, and so I was wondering if this behavior has changed or improved? Or if anyone has a solution/reason/suggestion for this? As you can imagine, it really doesn't help your productivity if the container app is going to take that long to load, each time you need to type even a short sentence.
Also yes, I agree, using the container app is kind of like going back to Flicktype Classic, which honestly, I can definitely work with. Considering how much I need and use Flicktype for literally everything on my phones, I'm grateful that that option is still available to us. Hopefully some of these bugs that others have described previously pertaining to the container app can be ironed out. And of course, this load-time issue that I have described above. For what it's worth, I didn't ever run into this particular issue with Flicktype Classic.
Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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