Re: Need to confirm my understanding of FlickType container availability in iOS 15 and on new iDevices

Chuck Dean

Hello Alan, 
Yes, it has always been Kosta's intention to keep an accessible version of FlickType in the app store. 

BTW: when you are typing in the container app and you flick right to insert a period, the container app will repeat the last word you typed, instead of saying period, but it does insert the period. If you flick down you will hear. Comma, question mark, etc. And when you flick back up you will hear comma, period. 
This is a little glitch that will be fixed in the future. 

Chuck  (mobile)
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On Sep 25, 2021, at 8:58 PM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi Chuck,


Thanks for sharing your exchange with Kosta. This is very encouraging because unless I’m misreading something, he intends for the container app to remain in the App Store. I assume it will continue as part of the FlickType watch app as it was with the last update. I hope his dispute with Apple over their latest watch and its quick path functionality doesn’t torpedo access to the container app in the future. I can type so much faster having access to FlickType and it would be a shame to lose it.




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Hello Alan,
Here is an exchange I had with Kosta last week:

From  Kosta:
 My plan has always been to keep and maintain the container keyboard so
as to provide the full functionality of FlickType Classic with a share
 button to export text.

 I've been trying to get an update out since August 11 but Apple has
 been dragging their feet, so I'm not quite sure when this will be out.

my reply:
 The update showed up in the App Store this morning.

 From Kosta:

Thank you for letting me know.
 Unfortunately, Apple approved the wrong version - but at least this
should have the share button.

 Since it's not the version I intended to release, I have paused the
update so that existing users won't automatically get it.


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On Sat, Sep 25, 2021 at 9:39 AM Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi List,


I’ve been following the various threads regarding removal of the FlickType keyboard from the App Store as well as those discussing the latest FlickType watch app and its operation on iOS 15. Before I update my iPhone SE 2020 to iOS 15 or consider purchasing a new iPhone, I want to understand this group’s consensus of FlickType availability going forward. I have not upgraded to the recently released FlickType Watch/Container app on my iPhone because the FlickType keyboard is working very well on my iPhone and the new update removes the keyboard. Also, I get better results with the FlickType keyboard than I do with the FlickType container app because punctuation is spoken when typing with the keyboard but not with the container app.


My questions follow:


  1. Does the group believe that the recently released FlickType Watch/Container app will continue to be available in the App Store for purchased new devices?
  2. Does the group believe that the container app will remain a component of the FlickType Watch app going forward?
  3. Has anyone upgraded to iOS 15 and can comment on FlickType’s performance with it whether using the FlickType keyboard or the FlickType Watch/Container app either recently updated or not?


I have tried using the iOS on screen keyboard in slide to type mode and will confess with the expletives omitted that I don’t consider it a viable option going forward. I certainly don’t mind using the FlickType container app going forward since this was the method used with both the original Fleksy  and FlickType and I can type, copy, and paste and get results more than twice as fast as typing on the on screen keyboard.


Thanks in advance for your comments.


Alan Lemly

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