Re: iOS 15 and flick type

Daniel McGee

If you do a search for the app on the App Store, does it appear in iOS 15. Seeing it here using iOS 14

On 21 Sep 2021, at 14:37, Gordon <> wrote:

When I first got the 15 beta it worked if the first word was the correct word you wanted to type. But if you flicked down for additional choices, it would only say the first letter of the possible corrections. So if you're trying to type the word dog and the first option was god, when you flicked down it would say D which would be the choice for dog or whatever else it thinks you were trying to type.

On 9/21/2021 8:28 AM, David Speck via wrote:
I upgraded and am using flick type to compose this message on the system wide keyboard. It seems to be working exactly as it did before on my device. I haven't yet tried the container app or the classic version but I see no reason why they wouldn't work. Of course if it is not installed on your device before you upgrade you probably won’t have it after you upgrade. Anyone should expect that. Just thought you would all like to know. Have a great day.

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