Re: Punctuation Voiceover hints needed and Direct Touch question was RE: [FlickType] Have any FlickType keyboard users upgraded to iOS 14.8?

Luke Davis

Alan Lemly wrote:

computer keyboard since 1981 and my iPhone since 2013 but if I get 10% of the letters correct when trying direct touch on my SE 2020, I'd be surprised. I'd be interested to hear what sort of screen you're tapping on to tap the correct letter most of the time using direct touch without vision. That sounds like some sort of miracle muscle memory which I don't have.
Alan, I didn't intend to suggest that I did. :)
I simply explained what direct touch typing was, and how it could be effective. I did not mean to imply that I was effective with it.
In fact I usually use a combination of touch typing, dictation, and Flicktype.

However, for purposes of this response, I typed the following sentence:

This is a test of my ability to type on this touch keyboard.

Using direct touch typing on the same model phone that you are using.
I made 11 errors total, the 11th of which was because I thought I had selected the punctuation keyboard to enter the closing period, but was still on the letters keyboard so hit a Z instead. I probably wouldn't make that mistake normally, so I consider myself to have made 10 realistic errors.
13 words, 60 characters, and 10 errors, is an approximate 16.7% error rate, or getting approximately 83.3% of the letters correct by your measure.
That seems positive, but that much correction would be annoying in normal use.

I then did the same sentence again, this time in touch typing mode, and made only one error, in what felt like the same length of time.

My conclusion is that, for me, touch typing is better. While I could probably get used to direct touch typing, and maybe even get better at it, I'm glad I don't have to.


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