Re: Punctuation Voiceover hints needed and Direct Touch question was RE: [FlickType] Have any FlickType keyboard users upgraded to iOS 14.8?

Luke Davis

On Sep 16, Alan Lemly wrote:

I’m also curious how much vision those using the Direct Touch keyboard setting have. Are you using Voiceover? My understanding of direct touch was that you
had to tap on the correct letter to get good output.
Yes and know. Vision is not a factor.
You can tap very quickly on the right letter, and it will be typed. However if you linger for an instant, it just identifies the letter without typing it.

So if you get the letter positions right the majority of the time, this can be a very efficient way of typing.
If you put your finger on the keyboard and move it around to find a letter and then lift it, the letter will not be typed. However if your position of lifting is accurate, you can tap once and will get that letter.
It is something of a hybrid of standard and touch typing.

It lives up to its name of "direct touch", since touching on a letter, then immediately lifting your finger, will result in the letter being typed. That is the same experience as a non-Voiceover user has, which is what direct touch areas are all about.
However, if your finger stays on the letter, slides to another one, or does anything other than immediately lift, no letter is typed and the letter is just announced.

It's easy enough to rotor to typing mode and give it a shot--it's worth trying.


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