Re: Have any FlickType keyboard users upgraded to iOS 14.8?

Daniel McGee

Use direct touch for long words and slide to type for shorter ones. This way, auto correct is pretty accurate for fixing shorter and slide to type, normally gets longer words right with me.of course your milage may vary. 

On 16 Sep 2021, at 23:50, Gina Grunden <runemagick115@...> wrote:

I quite like the Direct Touch type myself. I’ve not played with Slide to Type however.





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Hi all 


There are always the  direct touch typing and slide to type. Combined these together, and typing on the iPhone isn't bad. Of coarse the experience is nothing compared to FlickType but anything is better than nothing. Plus the original Fleksy is still around in the App Store.



On 16 Sep 2021, at 03:03, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi Chuck,


Thanks for confirming my understanding of the inability to port apps to another device when they are no longer available in the App Store. I suspect we won’t have any luck convincing Kosta to put anything in the App Store since I believe he is suing Apple over their latest series 7 watch keyboard. But I tend to be a glass half empty sort of guy regarding such things.


At any rate, I’m beginning to try other on screen keyboard typing methods since I realize that my days with FlickType are numbered. I downloaded Microsoft SwiftKey today and will give it a try. It was hard in the past when trying slide to type and other keyboard features since they all paled in comparison to FlickType but my perspective has now changed.




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Hello Alan, 

Out of  curiosity I erased an old iPhone 6S and tried to download FlickType from the clout, and also from my old Mac. Unfortunately, you are right, it could not download any app that is no longer in the app store. ️  

It looks like our days of FlickType typing are numbered... Unless we can convince Kosta to put FlickType classic beck in the app store., if it works with iOS 15. 


Chuck  (mobile)

Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.


On Sep 15, 2021, at 12:39 PM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi Eileen,


I just updated my SE 2020 to iOS 14.8 and am happy to report that my flicktype keyboard is still working just fine. I don't believe that will be the case with iOS 15 so I will be in no hurry to upgrade to it.


A few years back, you could use iTunes to download apps to your local computer and carry them forward to a new device. However, Apple changed that approach as they moved more to cloud based orientation and now all apps transferred to a new device must come from the App Store. The names of your installed apps do transfer to the new device as do their installed screen locations but the app itself must download from the App Store and if it's no longer there, you're out of luck. I experienced this with a money reader app that I had on an old device that was no longer in the App Store when I upgraded to my iPhone SE 2020 so that app is no longer on my device.




with Outlook for iOS

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Hi Alan and All,

I’m using a 6S, with 14.8. I have been able to use FlickType in FB to post on a time line and in the Message app to send a text message. I believe you are correct Alan that the apps are stored in the cloud and not in iTunes. At one point, I thought you could setup a new iPhone from the old one,  but I’m not 100% sure about that.


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