Re: Deletion clicks and latency

Benny Barber


This started after some time. The app seemed to work as it should at first,
but this occurred maybe a day later. When I delete (swipe left), I get a
key tap sound. I also noticed I am getting a double key tap sound when I
two finger swipe right/left to change to numbers/symbols/letters. The same
goes for two finger swipe up for the menu. I get key tap sounds when I
swipe through word options as well. The app seems to be sluggish (all
swipes and tapsalso). Yes, I did turn off my device and restart it and the
symptoms are still there. When I first try to open build 32, I got the
crash. I uninstalled and re-installed and it worked fine at first and these
issues started later. Thanks.


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Thanks for your message, Benny. Are you saying this issue occurred right
after updating to build 32 or it took some time for this issue to occur?
Have you restarted your device after you noticed the issue?

Appreciate any details you can provide!

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