Re: Beta 1.32

Chanelle Allen

Hello Ashley, Kosta, and Group,
My name is Chanelle and I have just joined the group to keep up with the latest FlickType news and to follow discussions about betas. My iPhone is a 7 running iOS 11.3.
I like the positional audio tapping sounds because I think that they improve my typing accuracy. I saw that a question was posed about whether the rotor could serve a purpose in FlickType. Could the rotor be used to access an editing mode where the standard VoiceOver gestures functioned in their usual manner to review and edit text? As far as providing initial FlickType instructions upon opening the app, creating a prompt or menu option for a user to disable should definitely be implemented. At the same time, I think that a beginner tutorial could be especially helpful for new users. A tutorial covering advanced features might be helpful as well. If you do add predictive text ability to speed up typing long words, I emphatically ask that it could be an optional feature. I would be willing to try the predictive text/typing feature, but as someone who finds that autocorrect is a great annoyance, I would want to control the setting if possible.
After downloading and then reinstalling the 1.32 beta yesterday, I still experienced problems with FlickType freezing when I would try to interrupt speech to type or to enter the menu. Disabling raise to read back fixed the problem. Is their a way to decrease the sensitivity of "raise to read back?"
I have typed most of this message in Flicktype. However, I didn't finish, because I couldn't get all of the text to read back to me when returning to the menu. This problem occurred once after all the text up to this paragraph had been written. No one else probably writes a novel. :) Also, as the length of the text increased, menu options became more difficult to access due to focus issues. I had to perform the three finger flick up gesture several times before getting to settings or the back button.
Flicktype is a great app, and I am excited to see how it will continue to develop. I hope to become as proficient with Flicktype as I am with braille screen input. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bringing back the original Fleksy experience and making it even better.

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