Re: Exposing scammers on the App Store

Luke Davis

Is it just as easy to buy negative reviews as it is to buy positive ones?

If so, the only solution crazy enough to get Apple to sit up and finally act, might be to completely trash the review system by buying negative reviews for scam apps.

The end result of that, of course, will be that the scammers would start buying negative reviews for good apps, to return the favor. That would likely have the ultimate effect of making reviews completely useless to the average user, which would hopefully get Apple to step in.

I'm not proposing anyone actually start this kind of scorched earth war, but if I can think of it, I'm quite sure somebody else already has.


On Mon, 8 Feb 2021, FlickType wrote:

Two new articles about my efforts to expose scammers on the App Store:

- Kosta

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