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Ed Worrell <ed.worrell@...>

Hello Kosta and Ashley,

I am sorry to hear what you’ve been going through with the App Store. I hope you get all of those issues resolved sooner than later.

One of the big show stoppers for me is Flicktype not working in the mail application. I am also having a bunch of issues in 3rd party apps with FlickType not entering text in to the text field. Or the text field not recognizing the text entered and telling me to finish the form or entry. I’m honestly wondering if this is because of swiping to enter the word and it enters a space as that’s the Flicktype behavior.

One of the biggest issues for me is the space at the front of the first line of text, This happens all the time and it makes text on social media posts for my business look off and weird.

Voiceover is still having issues and stuttering after you insert a wor. It doesn’t read the word properly nor does it spell the word out correctly most of the time.Spelling the word out is the biggest issue for me in these two problems. VO starts reading the word in the middle of the word most of the time.

Also in some apps Flicktype can not be switched. Ie. I can not switch to the iOS keyboard. This is a problem mostly in number text fields.


On Feb 2, 2021, at 2:14 AM, Jean-Philippe Rykiel <> wrote:

- Kosta & Ashley.

my god! I can't believe what I read. This is a case of identity theft. am I wrong? Can't you sue them for that?



Le 02/02/2021 à 05:55, FlickType a écrit :
Also here’s what we’ve been going through with FlickType in recent months, for those interested:

- Kosta & Ashley

PS: There’s a screenshot in the thread that I think has no ALT text but is mostly described in the tweet itself. It is a screenshot of a literally empty white screen, with a single “Unlock now” button at the bottom.

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