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Yes that's what I thought: before, it was easy to perform the three-finger left/right to switch between numbers, symbols, and letters. However with the most recent update, a letter is typed. I'm using an iPhone 5S with the latest iOS 11.3.

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        Hi Kosta and Ashley.
This is my first time being a beta tester for anything but, as a vision impaired former Flecksy user,  I am just so enthusiastic about flicktype that I wanted to get involved.
I have followed the recent beta versions from .28 to .32 and I welcome the increased options under settings.
In effect, when I sometimes, for example, type a three letter word and flick right, more letters are added instead of repeating the word I have chosen.
I am using both an SE with IOS 11.3 and an older iPad with ios 9.35.  The latter works well but there are some pronunciation issues obviously connected with it being so old.
I have noticed in the current beta a lack of sensitivity when flicking right, in that it sometimes types a letter instead of announcing the word.  This could, of course, be my error.  But it appears to happen quite a bit now and it never really did before, certainly not in Flecksy, or in the earlier betas .
It might be an idea to be able to turn the instructions option on or off in the menu.
To be honest , I don’t notice anything much of a diffdrence between the standard and alternative tap effects.  I think that allowing an on/off spelling option is an excellent idea, particularly when, like me, switching between the two languages.  My own preference here would be for the lower pitch.
I assume that, given the structure of Flicktype, it would not be possible to allow editing from beginning to end of a completed message/email or other document.  Obviously, one can read it using the word and character rotor options but not edit it, as far as I can gather.
I had some crash, and also mysterious switching into ios settings issues, on .28 but all is well since then.
But, all in all, I am absolutely delighted.
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