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Chuck Dean

The rotor works fine on my iPhone 8, running ios 13.7 in both standard and full screen versions of FlickType.  

Chuck  (mobile)
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On Jan 5, 2021, at 3:38 PM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi Benny,

I don't know if running FlickType on an iOS 13.x device versus running it on an iOS 14.x device as I am makes any difference in rotor availability. Maybe someone else running iOS 13.x can comment on rotor availability. When I'm in FlickType full screen mode running iOS 14.3 and do the rotor "turn the radio dial" gesture, Voiceover immediately speaks the current rotor item. I assume you have the rotor turned on and available with other apps so it should also be available in FlickType full screen mode. I've heard that some folks have trouble doing the rotor gesture but I'm assuming that isn't your issue. If you continue to have problems accessing the rotor in FlickType full screen mode, I'd recommend you call Apple Accessibility at 877-204-3930 while they are connected to your device and maybe they can figure something out.

Good luck.

Alan Lemly

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Subject: Re: iOS 14 and my FlickType full screen workarounds was RE: Full screen versus non full screen mode: - was - RE: [FlickType] App Not Working In 3rd Party

I use flicktype in full screen. I have never been able to pull up the rotor when FlickType is open. I wanted to test your instructions with direct touch typing and cannot pull up the rotor. I am running iOS 13.6 on a 6S. Of course I do not have the issues that you are addressing because I have not upgraded iOS to 14 yet. I just wanted to see if I could pull up the rotor while flicktype was in full screen. Can you enlighten me on how to do so. Thank you.

On Jan 4, 2021, at 8:31 PM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

?Hi Joe,

I'll post again what I'm doing to successfully use the latest beta version of FlickType in full screen mode on my iPhone SE 2020 running iOS 14.3. First, let me say that FlickType on iOS 14.3 has the following two problems that I consistently experience:

1.      When I begin text entry for example with the Messages app, my default on screen keyboard is US English. . I typically place focus in the text box and double tap to bring up the on screen US English keyboard. I then place my finger on the spacebar in the bottom middle of the screen and slide left past the dictate button until focus is on the next keyboard button. If FlickType is announced as the next keyboard, I should be able to double tap anywhere on the screen to open my FlickType keyboard in full screen mode. However, this does not happen normally. I've been unable to trust the next keyboard that Voiceover speaks as what will open. Instead, when the next keyboard button has focus, I double tap and hold on the screen and slide my finger up until FlickType is spoken and then I release. FlickType will always open in full screen mode when I use this method.

2.      In later iOS 13 versions, FlickType would automatically launch in direct touch mode and work as it's supposed to. This is not the case with iOS 14 at least not with my system. I realize these devices have gotten extremely powerful with a wealth of settings that can vary greatly among devices which can affect our results. However, I believe FlickType and iOS 14 have some incompatibility issue which requires users to turn direct touch on in order for FlickType to work correctly, If this is not done, typing with the FlickType keyboard does not work for me and I also can't close the keyboard or switch to a different keyboard.  Read below for the steps I use to work around this issue with the minimum number of gestures.

Here is what I do when I'm typing a text message to successfully use FlickType in full screen mode with the least number of gestures:

1.      I double tap in the Messages text box to open the on screen US English keyboard which is my default.

2.      I place focus in the bottom middle of the screen on the spacebar and slide to the left until the next keyboard button has focus.

3.      I single finger double tap and hold and slide my finger up until I hear FlickType and then release.

4.      The FlickType keyboard opens in full screen mode.

5.      I place my finger in the bottom left corner of the screen where I hear FlickType.

6.      I do one rotor clockwise gesture. I do a counter clockwise  rotor gesture until I hear direct touch which is usually after only one time. I single finger swipe down once and Voiceover says on.

7.      FlickType now types as it should and as it always did under iOS 13.2 or so without all of these direct touch shenanigans.

8.      I single finger slide up and hold to close FlickType and return to my default US English keyboard.

I hope the above makes sense to others and works for you as it does for me. Hopefully, one of the upcoming iOS versions will return FlickType functioning to how it used to at the end of iOS 13.

Alan Lemly

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Wait, is this why I struggle to dismiss Flicktype when I no longer need it? Somoetimes the Flicktype gets into this space where I can neither type in it nor dismiss it from my screen. Thanks for bringing this up, about the different modes, and thanks in advance for any tips to get rid of it from the screen.--Joe

On 1/4/21, Alan Lemly < <mailto:walemly@...> walemly@...> wrote:

Hi Pete,

I've pretty much used Flicktype in the full screen mode since

originally that was the only mode available. I have used the keyboard

mode but I find full screen more convenient with my bit of remaining

vision. And I've finally mastered its iOS 14 quirks and can

consistently turn on direct touch with a minimum of gestures.

Alan Lemly

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[FlickType] App Not Working In 3rd Party

Just wondering if most people use Flicktype in the full screen mode or

in the normal mode.  Is the performance or useability more robust in

one mode than another?  I have never used the full screen mode and

sometimes run into issues with the normal mode, especially with having

to constantly switch to direct touch mode and sometimes not being able

to get to certain items in the messages app.


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Hi Alan,

Thanks. That seemed to work this time. I did try that method prior,

but it didn't at the time.


Best,Eileent from my iPhone

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