Re: App Not Working In 3rd Party


Hi Eileen,

Place focus on the messages text box and double tap anywhere on the screen. This should open your default on screen keyboard. Touch in the bottom middle of the screen to the spacebar and slide left past the dictation button to the next keyboard button and with focus on the next keyboard button, double tap and hold and single finger slide up until FlickType is announced and then release. The FlickType keyboard will be the displayed keyboard or if you have your settings in Flicktype full screen mode, the entire screen will be in FlickType mode.

I hope this helps.

Alan Lemly 

with Outlook for iOS

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Subject: [FlickType] App Not Working In 3rd Party

I hope someone can help me out. I know this was discussed with the iOS 14 update. However, I am using iOS 13.6.1, with an 6S. For example, I open the native Message app, I have FlickType listed, but when tapped on, it is skipped over and doesn’t open. Please advise on how I can fix this.

Thanks in advance.


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