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Jessica D

I'm running the beta of 14.4 on both my phone and ipad. 

The braille screen input issue still persists, but its not as bad as it was. 
Flicktype still won't work, unless you enable direct touch, which still must be done every time you wish to use the app. 

I'm honestly not sure how best to describe that issue when writing a bug report. 


On Dec 16, 2020, at 10:14 PM, Peter Torpey <ptorpey00@...> wrote:

Are bugs still being addressed for FlickType these days?  With the new OS some functions seem not to be working any more and I wonder if the issues might be addressed in the future.




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I thought new words were to be added to the dictionary automatically this does not seem to be happening that way.  for example the word app never gets added  I have to always


type it manually. Every country has an identity, history, custom, and culture. It’s a unique landscape in determining how its people Live, work, and play.

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