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Hi Chuck,

Thanks for that tip but I use my phone locked in portrait mode and don't expect I'll be changing my ways at this stage of the game.

I'll try your suggestion of removing typing mode from the rotor since I already have touch typing set as my default under Settings, Accessibility, VoiceOver, Typing. I really don't think that will change anything because FlickType is supposed to automatically do whatever is needed with direct touch when typing with it and something with iOS 14 is apparently messing it up.


with Outlook for iOS

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Hello Ellen,
Just an FYI, if you use FlickType in the standard mode, when you turn it into landscape, it goes to full screen. That’s how are use it, and it works quite well.

Chuck  (mobile)
Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.

On Dec 9, 2020, at 10:54 PM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Yes, that's one of the issues with FlickType and the full screen keyboard. The dismiss gesture and none of the tapped keys register unless you first rotor to direct touch and turn it on. Even with this Direct touch issue, I find I prefer typing in full screen mode because the typed words appear much larger and I'm better able to use my bit of remaining vision.  This benefit outweighs the cost of the local app being off screen since once full screen FlickType is dismissed, the local app is present with the FlickType entered text in place.


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I am using the Standard Flicktype keyboard.

I tried the Full Screen keyboard but couldn�t even dismiss it with the flick down and hold gesture.  So I switched back.  Besides, with the full screen keyboard I couldn�t see any of the app on the screen with VoiceOver.


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Hi Pete,

I'm not having your same issue with the latest FlickType beta but I have my FlickType setting to use full screen. I don't believe you mention whether you're using full screen or not. The continuing issue I have with FlickType with both Mail and Messages where I use it 99% of the time is the need to activate direct touch each time I launch the FlickType keyboard. If I don't do this, tapping on the keyboard does nothing. When Direct touch is activated, typing works fine and all the predicted words are spoken as well as other choices when I single finger flick down. I just get tired of having to rotor to Direct touch and turn it on every time I go to the full screen FlickType keyboard.

Good luck with resolving your issue.

Alan Lemly

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Subject: [FlickType] Unable to hear alternate word selections

I brought up this issue in the Test flight beta feedback on my iPhone, but I can write a better and more detailed report on my PC.  So here goes...

My System:
iPhone Xr
iOS 14.2
Latest Flicktype beta

Problems:  typing seems to work fine in the Flicktype app itself, but not when using apps such as Messages, or Mail.

1.  Create a text message or start a new e-mail message and activate the edit field for the message body.
2.  Type a word and flick right.  Flicktype speaks the word that was entered, as it should.
3.  Assume that we want to change this word.  So we flick down through the various suggestions.
4.  Instead of speaking the alternate suggestions in the list as it should, Flicktype merely says "space".
5.  If I now flick left to delete the last entered word, Flicktype speaks one of the alternate suggestions.  Thus it seems that Flicktype is actually moving through the list of alternate words when flicking down but not speaking these words.

Note: This bug only seems to occur when in the Messages and Mail apps, but not the main flicktype app.  When in the main Flicktype app the alternate words are spoken as one flicks down.

Hope that is clear.


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