Unable to hear alternate word selections

Peter Torpey

I brought up this issue in the Test flight beta feedback on my iPhone, but I can write a better and more detailed report on my PC. So here goes...

My System:
iPhone Xr
iOS 14.2
Latest Flicktype beta

Problems: typing seems to work fine in the Flicktype app itself, but not when using apps such as Messages, or Mail.

1. Create a text message or start a new e-mail message and activate the edit field for the message body.
2. Type a word and flick right. Flicktype speaks the word that was entered, as it should.
3. Assume that we want to change this word. So we flick down through the various suggestions.
4. Instead of speaking the alternate suggestions in the list as it should, Flicktype merely says "space".
5. If I now flick left to delete the last entered word, Flicktype speaks one of the alternate suggestions. Thus it seems that Flicktype is actually moving through the list of alternate words when flicking down but not speaking these words.

Note: This bug only seems to occur when in the Messages and Mail apps, but not the main flicktype app. When in the main Flicktype app the alternate words are spoken as one flicks down.

Hope that is clear.


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