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Actually it's strange, I don't have to turn direct touch on each time I use flick type, but I do for Vorail. I wonder if this is something that Apple is going to have to change on their end?

On 9/22/2020 9:39 PM, Peter Torpey wrote:
Yes, same problem here. Direct Touch seems to get set to "off" when Flicktype is invoked under iOS 14. Even if you turn it "on", the next time you try to use Flicktype it will be turned "off" again automatically. Fortunately the workaround is easy, but hopefully this can be fixed in the app.


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I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet, but flick type wasn't responding earlier. I finally figured out why. I had to find direct touch in the rotor and turn it on. It somehow got turned off. Direct touch has been around for a long time, but it's more persistent in IOS 14. So if the keyboard isn't working as it should find direct touch in the rotor and flick up or down to turn it on.

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