Re: Flicktype on watch

Chris Chaffin

Hi Kosta,

No, , am unable to tap on words. I tried doing the word, top, and it said, tip. So I scrolled the crown down and it just said the same thing, flicktype, use digital crown to scroll through suggestions. Since the crown did give me the haptic feedback like it did scroll down, I tapped on the screen like I was choosing the word it scrolled to, but nothing happened. It just acted like I was trying to type another word.

I am unable to access the rotor because the rotor is only available on the new watch os 7. I do not think you can install that unless you are running ios 14 on your phone, and because of multiple bugs, I am not doing that at this time.

Thanks for looking into this issue for me!


On Sep 20, 2020, at 9:57 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you for the clarification, Chris.

When you try to tap words, does that work, or do you also keep hearing VoiceOver announcing “FlickType”?

If so, try to invoke the rotor while FlickType is on the screen, and turn on “Direct Touch”.

Let me know if that helped!

- Kosta

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