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Ed Worrell

Yeah, I'm not having many issues either. It's lost just putting spaces between letters on manually typed WordsTie and outlook has its issues.


On Jan 18, 2020, at 3:04 PM, Shawn Krasniuk via Groups.Io <bbsshawn@...> wrote:

Hi all. I'm probably the only one here who isn't experiencing any of the issues that people are raising on this group. While in Messages, everything speaks the way it always did since day 1, meaning punctuations are being spoken. As for Safari, the only thing I do on that are Google searches for things. I don't use Flicktype for that though as when I've done searches with it in the past, Voiceover acts like I'm not putting spaces between my words, which I am. I don't do emails on my phone so I can't tell if everything's broken on my end with that. If I have to send an email, I just wait until I go to my computer as I find that even though I'm using FlickType, it's still a pain to type long strings of text on the phone.
However, the only issue here that I'm experiencing is Flicktype being inaccurate. It takes me sometimes three or four tries before it finally gets it right. Sometimes I give up and just type the word in manually because it's so annoying. But other than that, everything's good. This is with build 236 running iOS 13.3.1 dev beta 2.

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On Jan 18, 2020, at 8:40 AM, JP Shandra <blindambition777@...> wrote:

Hello Kosta,
Adding on to Salman, I’ve experienced on Amazon, Safari, Target, WordPress, and some sites that would only relate to me.
It really throws me off not having word pronounced, or getting partial word. My brain just isn’t processing or adapting to build 236. I switched to the public 5.2. It’s solved many of my issues for the most part.

On Jan 18, 2020, at 5:47 AM, Salman Haider <salmanhaider.purdue@...> wrote:

Hi Kosta,


Wanted to give some feedback regarding the latest beta, and various bugs that I have been encountering. Yes, this is specifically pertaining to the 236 release.


Firstly, and this is not really a bug, one thing I’ve noticed is the higher pitch of Voiceover speech when I tap type and swipe right to get the word that I’ve typed. Voiceover now announces that word in a higher pitch than it ever has before.


Now, to the bugs…


I for one, have encountered bugs while typing in all types of fields and in various apps. So the behavior is not limited to a certain app or type of field. Among the apps that I have encountered these bugs are Whatsapp, Messages, Mail, Safari, Google, Facebook, Messenger, Amazon, and so on…


In regular text fields, while I am typing, when I tap type and swipe right, I hear the word that I’ve tried to type (as I should). However, if I swipe right again to insert a punctuation, like a period, Voiceover simply repeats the previous word that I had typed. Even though, a period has actually been inserted.


Next, I have encountered the bugs that both Ed and JP have already mentioned in prior messages under this thread. “The keyboard doesn’t announce the word or punctuation options/suggestions when flicking up or down”, and, also the bug where “when I type a word, it says space, followed by spelling the word. If I delete the last word, it says beginning of document.”

Unlike Ed and JP however, I have encountered these bugs outside of Outlook. I don’t even have Outlook on my device. I have encountered them in Safari, Whatsapp, the Google app, etc.


Typing in multi-line text fields is almost impossible for me at this point. Whatever I tap type is either repeated twice, or is repeated twice with a sort of a stutter with Voiceover sometimes stuttering on the first part of the word, and sometimes on the last part of the word. I will try and explain this with an example. I was trying to type the following sentence: This version definitely seems to have some bugs.

Here are two variations of how Voiceover feedback has sounded like after I have tried typing each of those words while composing that sentence:

  1. ThisThis VerVersion DefDefinitely se eems seems to ha-have SomeSome bugs
  2. Th-This ersion initely se-eems to he-ave so-ome bugs.


Swiping left either doesn’t do anything, or simply deletes the last word I typed, and I can’t delete anything past that. Tapping and holding in the top half of the screen to have the typed text repeated back, does nothing either.
In addition, at various points during the typing experience, I am not able to swipe up or down to go through the suggestions as the same word keeps getting repeated over and over. Or, swiping up or down produces the "ding" Voiceover sound that suggests that I have reached the top or bottom of the list. The issue with the punctuation also occurs here too; not able to either swipe through the list of punctuation, or the same one is repeated over and over


I hope this gives you some idea and my explanation makes some sense. Basically, I have been encountering a lot of bugs with this new 236 release, and I have to revert back to an earlier version for a smoother and seamless typing experience.


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