Dictionary management help needed


Hi Kosta and List,


I'm running FlickType 5.2 which I believe is the latest version available from the Apps Store. I've got over two thousand words in my dictionary which causes an over 20 second delay in loading the FlickType container app. I have no intention of clearing these custom dictionary entries since that seems self-defeating for even having a custom dictionary. However, it is extremely time consuming attempting to edit these entries on an iDevice since I have to swipe between characters and actions in order to get a spelling of each entry regarding capitalization, etc. and then rotoring back to actions if I wish to delete it. How possible would it be to allow an export and import of a text file of dictionary entries so they could be edited much more quickly using a computer? I'm guessing this may not be feasible because I thought I remembered an export option in previous versions that seems to be gone now. I don't ever recall seeing an option to import a custom dictionary.


If anyone has any suggestions to speed up the editing of the custom dictionary, I'd welcome them. Also, Kosta, if you could comment on how difficult it would be to allow import of a custom dictionary list, that would also be appreciated.


Alan Lemly

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