Re: Build 236

Jean-Philippe Rykiel

Hello Kosta.

I don't use Flicktype on a daily basis, as it is only available in English and Spanish for now, still waiting for French, but not trying to rush you here, anyway, the mailing list has been quite tame for a while, and I think it is the fact that it got busy again a few weeks ago that made me want to try it again, just to see how things were going. So, I don't know exactly when that was, but the trouble I'm having in the mail application was present on the version available at this time, and still is in last version.

Including, unpredictable results, every manually type character is followed  by a space, and punctuations not being pronounced. As I stated before, I don't have These issues in notes, message, or of course Flicktype app itself.

Cheers and thank you for what you do.


Le 18/01/2020 à 03:18, FlickType a écrit :
Thank you all for the feedback. If you could please clarify, is the feedback related to build 236 specifically, or more general as of recently?
- Kosta


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