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So when I did my rating and review, I kept flicking until I got to the option to select how many stars I wanted. After selecting 5 stars, I continued and found the button to write a review. The first edit box is for the title, and the second is for the text of the review. After I did that and hit save, it prompted me to add a nickname to be displayed for my review.

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I can't say I've found the rating screen in the Apps Store to be very accessible. I'm going to type what I've just experienced in an effort to get comments from you and others so I can successfully rate FlickType and also provide a favorable comment about it. Here was my experience:


1.      I open the Apps Store from my home screen.

2.      I select Search from the bottomline menu and type Flicktype in the search box.

3.      I open the FlickType app description by double tapping on it in the search results.

4.      In the ratings and reviews section which is after all the screen shots, I come to a button that says tap to rate. Maybe I'm stupid but I'm expecting to be taken to a screen that presents me with a one to five star that I can select and maybe a text box where I can type in a comment but I get nothing when I double tap on the tap to rate button.


If you'd like me to rate FlickType, perhaps you can turn on Voiceover with your device and use your eyes to give me some further specific instructions on how to rate the app. And I realize my problem might be something with my own brain and this rating screen so I welcome instructions from anyone who could guide me on the steps to rate an app.


Thanks in advance.


Alan Lemly


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It would mean the world to us if you took a moment and left us a review on the App Store - it really, really helps us!


Here's a handy link that will take you straight into the App Store and open the review page - open from your iPhone or iPad:


Thank you,

Kosta & Ashley



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