Re: Build 236

Peter Torpey

I didn’t realize that other users were using OUtlook. I am using the Apple e-mail app and see some of the same issues using iOs 13.3 on an iPhone XR.

In fact, here is another interesting issue which I just observed.

I wrote my last response using a blue tooth keyboard after dismissing the Flicktype keyboard with the single finger swpie down gesture.

I then turned off my blue tooth keyboard and tried to reply to this message using Flicktype. Performing a single finger double tap using VoiceOver in the body of the message did not bring up the Flicktype keyboard. In fact I could not seem to get into edit mode. Seems like after dismissing the Flicktype keyboard that it disappeared and I didn’t know how to bring it back. So I’m turned on my blue tooth keyboard again to type this reply.


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