Re: New and improved Flick type update


For example, I typed the word "test" and the first option was year. then I typed the word "how" and got "his" I have the 10R, so you have to go over almost to the edge of the screen to get the O, and the same with the W. But the S is lower, but I still got how for the first result. So a little fine tuning should get that back to where it was prior to the Monday update.

On 1/15/2020 4:18 AM, Kosta Eleftheriou wrote:
Thank you Gordon, glad to hear the update is working better for you!

Please considering leaving us a review on the App Store, each review helps us a lot.

- Kosta

On Jan 14, 2020, at 3:08 PM, Gordon <> wrote:

´╗┐It's now available in the app store with much better accuracy. I see a big difference.

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