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Tony Hernandez

The description of the app hasn't caught up with reality yet, but we have heard it right from the horse's mouth that there is no more charge than $2.99 for new paying customers. Sorry Kosta. I think horses are beautiful, strong, and majestic creatures, so there. Lol. This news has also received a write-up on the well known and reputable Blind Bargains blog, further cementing the veracity of these tidings, as there is no way that they would have put this in writing without verifying the information. Here's the URL for that article:

On 1/14/2020 7:19 AM, Alan Robbins wrote:



Thanks for posting, I have the same questions and am looking forward to clarification.




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Subject: [FlickType] Confused about "in app purchases" in app store description


I am confused about the “in app purchases” mentioned in the description of the new Flicktype app.  I thought Flicktype had moved to a non-subscription model and that its use only required a one time purchase price of $2.99.


However the app store entry states:


In-App Purchases

 Use inside all apps$0.99

  1. Use inside all apps$11.99


This implies that the $2.99 isn’t as functional as the current Flicktype app and that there is an extra charge for unlocking it to be used with all apps.  Plus both of these options look the same.  What am I missing?






Tony Hernandez

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