Re: A flick type update

Jean-Philippe Rykiel

Dear Kosta. It’s so nice to have you back. Let me join the other members of this list to wish you and your whole family a wonderful happy and joyful year 2020. Of course, if I can do anything to help localise this app to French, please Let me know.
In English, it is now my favorite keyboard, soul s’il vous plaît, n’oubliez pas les Français.
Best regards,

Le 14 janv. 2020 à 08:38, Harry Bell via Groups.Io <> a écrit :

I just used Flicktype on my Apple Watch series 4 (paired with iPhone XS running latest iOS with Flicktype new beta).
I expected the Flicktype keyboard to pop up when I go into my list of Messages and start to reply - wrong! I had to find and open the Flicktype app on my watch, double tap to open it and then it took about 5 minutes to download the app, though it did tell me that it could carry on doing this in the background. When it was ready, I double tapped and composed a message and hit Send and my list of messages appeared so I could select which one I wanted to send my reply to: I double tapped on a message, my composed message was there ready so I hit send. All this worked so well with VoiceOver! My original confusion was because it was not obvious how to use the app, hence me detailing the steps above to save others stumbling about in the dark!
Now I understand it, it is brilliant!

On 14 Jan 2020, at 02:35, FlickType <> wrote:

FlickType Notes has an emphasis on note-taking on the watch, and has no iPhone keyboard.
FlickType Keyboard is equal parts accessible iPhone keyboard and Apple Watch messaging app.
- Kosta

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