Re: A flick type update

Chuck Dean

 Hello Jessica
The FlickType Notes app that Kosta has just recently developed, is mainly four sided users. This allows the cited community to have a viable keyboard on their watch, which is never been available before. The reason why he is putting this new keyboard out there for the sided world, is to generate money which he will use to keep Fliktype for the blind alive!
The subscription just didn’t make enough money to keep Fliktype viable, but If the keyboard takes off, and enough people buy it, Fliktype will be in the pink for a long long time! 😎  

Chuck  (mobile)
Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.

On Jan 13, 2020, at 6:42 PM, Jessica D <jldail13@...> wrote:

I have a question for anyone who is able to answer it. 

My question is, what are the purposes of both apps, since they both are based on flicktype, and both support the Apple watch? 


On Jan 13, 2020, at 3:50 PM, Paul Dromey <pdromey@...> wrote:

Hi Kosta and everyone.
May I wish you, Ashley and your family good health and happiness in 2020.  Thank you for continuing to develop this wonderful app.
In the latest App Store update, the language option between English and Spanish appears to be working seamlessly but this is not the case in today's Beta version.

I hope that this option continues in the future as it is, for me, one of the most crucial components.


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