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I expect you'll give us some guidance or FlickType itself will on how to port over any custom dictionary entries we've created while using the beta? I know you mentioned some dictionary changes but other than the export process, I can't imagine what you could do to make the dictionary any easier to use, at least not with respect to adding new entries to it.

I also hope that the system wide keyboard effort doesn't torpedo the existing app as I seem to recall it did during the Fleksy days. It just seemed to me that the Fleksy keyboard never was nearly as easy to use as Fleksy VO which I suspect had to do with some Apple requirements as well as the presence of the spacebar. I can't imagine any presentation that differs from the current FlickType standalone app keyboard being any easier on which to generate input. But I'm certainly open to being surprised and impressed.

Thanks again for bringing this back and all the best in your efforts.

Alan Lemly

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Thank you Gerardo!

We are planning to launch the current, standalone app some time this month, and the system-wide keyboard as soon as possible after that.

We will definitely make an announcement here when it s on the App Store.

- Kosta

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