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That's great that Gordon's advice worked for you. Chuck's advice worked for
me with the Container app. This is why I spend so much time on email lists
because crowd sourcing has provided me with numerous answers through the


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Hi Alan. Yes, answered earlier in the thread in my case--I turned everything
off there and back on, and also uninstalled the keyboard and installed it

But Gordon's solution has worked in my case, though apparently not for
They have changed the multi-way toggle of the next keyboard key in iOS 13,
at least on some devices, so that you have to double tap and slide in order
for it to work.

On Thu, 19 Dec 2019, Alan Lemly wrote:

Paula and Luke,

I apologize if you've already stated this but have you gone to Settings,
General, Keyboard, Keyboards, FlickType and confirmed that allow full access
is turned on? If yes, why not turn off full access, play around with
keyboard input, and then turn FlickType's full access back on?

Alan Lemly

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