Re: FlickType Container app not working on my iPhone 8

Tony Hernandez

Hi Luke,

Kosta and Ashley do monitor this list, but they've had a rough go of it in the last year or two, including hospitalization-level illness. FlickType development has unfortunately been understandably slow because of it, since it's a two-person team keeping up with a very demanding set of circumstances. I hope FlickType development under Kosta and Ashley gets back to its previous pace because it will mean that their personal difficulties have improved or resolved.

On 12/20/2019 7:19 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
There are definite annoyances in the dictionary interface.
Not the least of which is that it seems impossible to delete the last word alphabetically.
Also the no edit with select all for bulk deletion, and the rogue "insert" button for one of the words that shows up while swiping but not while dragging.

Given that this app is on a subscription model, there really should be some active development, or some way of contacting support directly with feature suggestions or serious problems.
The last update was one year ago according to the AppStore, which is not comforting.


On Thu, 19 Dec 2019, Gordon wrote:

Yeah I just deleted my dictionary. I wish we could select all and do in one sweep. But if you put some good music on you enjoy and get started, you can get
it done pretty fast.

Tony Hernandez

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